Technische Daten der Spindel

Die Spindel:


Brushless, low interference, eliminate sparks and significantly reduce the spark interference to the remote control. Quiet and quiet operation. Long service life, low maintenance costs. 

Technical data: 
Motor parameters brushless spindle: 
Diameter: 55 mm / 2.17 inches. 
Total length: 180 mm / 7.0 inches. 
Operating voltage: 48 VDC. 
Minimum speed: 12500 rpm 

Voltage range: 20-50V DC 
Nominal current: 8A. 
Rated Output: Depends on actual product 
Current limit: Approx. 10A 
Position detection support: for rooms and not induction salt, 120 degree electric angle 
The maximum support speed: depends on the engine itself and the load. 
Normal temperature insulation resistance: >100MΩ 
Insulation resistance: 0.5 kV/min. 
Storage temperature: -20 °C ~ + 65 °C 
Area of application: avoid direct contact with dust, smoke and corrosive gases. 
Temperature: 0-45 °C 
Humidity: <80%, no gluten, no frost. 
Shock: 5.9 m / S2 MAX 
Storage humidity: 0 ~ 95% relative humidity. 
Total weight of metal: 2640 g 

+: DC + 
-: DC- 
U: Red 
V: blue 
W: Black 
Speed control: 
SV: The potentiometer controls the speed, the feet on both sides of the potentiometer are connected to the power supply and in the ground, while the midfoot is connected to the SV; 
Sports accessories. 
BR: When putting on the soil, the unertia will stop. 
F/R: When connecting the low level, CCW 

Box contents: 
1 x spindle motor. 
1 x Motor Controller 
1 x Fixture 
1 x Power Supply 


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